This is the official website for The Moonlyterz based out of Dover Ohio. 

From the heart of Dover, Ohio, The Moonlyterz are a powerhouse classic rock band on a mission to ignite the stage with their electrifying performances. Comprised of seasoned musicians Steve Dulaney, Mike Fisher, Steve Metzger, and Teddy Snyder, The Moonlyterz have been a staple in the local music scene for many years.

With a passion for the timeless melodies and raw energy of classic rock, The Moonlyterz deliver an unforgettable experience to their audience. Their performances are not just about playing music, but about sharing the love and nostalgia of rock 'n' roll with every soul in the room.

Having honed their craft through years of dedication and camaraderie, The Moonlyterz have cultivated a sound that pays homage to the legends of the past while infusing it with their own unique flair.

The Moonlyterz are committed to bringing the spirit of rock 'n' roll to life with every performance.

So, come join the journey and let The Moonlyterz take you on a musical ride through the ages.

Check out the song list and media page for playlists and demos. Be sure to check out the schedule for upcoming shows. We look forward to seeing you there.

As always, come out and have some fun with us!!

The Moonlyterz